January 5, 2024

A Message From Our Founder

The Story Behind Delicious Sips Coffee Roasters

I grew up in the green coffee warehouses of New Orleans, LA. The jobs the coffee industry provided for my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins put food on the table and surrounded me with a community of people that loved what they did and shared it with everyone they met. There’s an old saying that coffee is best when being shared with friends and family - and my family took this to heart (maybe a little too strongly).

Captivated by the towering coffee roasters and hefty super sacks in these warehouses, I remember pestering family members with countless questions in an attempt to learn more about the extensive world of coffee. As I grew older and graduated from college, I realized that being surrounded by computers and spreadsheets wasn’t nearly as interesting to me as being surrounded by coffee beans and the roaring sounds of coffee roasters.

60+ years ago, my grandfather left the company (you guessed it-acoffee company) he was working for and went off to create International Coffee Company in New Orleans, LA. The hard work and immense passion for coffee my grandfather shared with me was all the motivation I needed to pursue my dreams and create what is now Delicious Sips Coffee Roasters.

In one week, I went from working in an office as an accountant to being unemployed in a dark warehouse that had been left dormant for a couple decades, and needing plenty of renovation to become a place where I could eventually set up my roasting facility. With the support of my family & friends, and many sleepless nights along the way we finally had a space that we would be able to operate within.  At this point, I was still missing two important factors for a business that roasts coffee:

  1. Equipment
  2. Customers

The next month, I found myself in the middle of Macon, Georgia purchasing coffee equipment that I wasn’t 100% sure would even work. A few weeks later, the equipment arrived at our warehouse and it took several months of reassembling the equipment , but finally we roasted our first batch of coffee.  Since then there has been no looking back.

Five years have passed since that first roast and each year we continue to grow and fulfill our promise to our customers to provide consistent, high-quality coffee to all of their patrons.

Delicious Sips was created to represent the hard-working people within the coffee industry and the history behind each cup. Just like my family members before me, I reveal my passion for coffee through each roast.


Andrew Madary
Founder of Delicious Sips Coffee Roasters

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